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Mehtex Engg. Pvt. Ltd established in year 1981 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has most modern infrastructure including 4 high pressure die casting machines, furnaces and in house full machinery facilities. Mehtex Engg. Pvt. Ltd is an industry leader striving for the world class provider of high quality custom engineered solutions for aluminium & zinc pressure & gravity die casting. The Ahmedabad city provides ideal atmosphere in terms & health condition which has less humidity percentage leads to lesser defects in casting and skilled man power.

The company offer its customers complete pressure tested casting without any leakage. For other superior furnishing on aluminium casting. The composer has vibro-finishing [tumbling] machines and short blasting plant.


The company has presence in domestic and international market as a quality casting company.The company also provides an innovative solutions driven to help customers increase productivity, quality and profitability.

MISSION STATEMENT:- Mehtex Engg. Pvt. Ltd is committed to being an innovative leader in aluminium & zinc pressure & gravity die casting that provides value in an engineered approach to extend product life and meet customers expectation in a global market place.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT :- Our casting systems bring properties an alloy is capable of possessing. Research and development at Mehtex is continuously widening the gap between our proprietary system and all other casting processes. Our process can be used to cast a continually expanding range of permanent mold, developed at Mehtex. The process allows modifiers to be effectively employed to alter the grain structure of the casting, resulting in greater strength or other desired characteristics. Alloy development and enhancement of the casting process are primary activities in our material lab. We have also tailored heat treating processes to meet special requirements. Destructive testing is necessary to measure strength, flexibility and other properties of a casting At MEHTEX. Parts are tested under vigorous conditions to determine compliance with specifications.

PROCESS:- Mehtex Engg. Pvt. Ltd with the help of its fully equipped technically skilled staff, provides total solutions for :-
Product design
Proto tyre development
Tool / die design
Die casting machine
Machining & inspection followed by packing and dispatch

QUALITY:- Mehtex quality begins before the first shot. In case to meet customers expectations, Mehtex begins with attentions to quality in the design phase of the castings, if the die castings cannot reliably conform to an attribute or dimension on yours drawing then it will be known to you before a mold is built. Mehtex also provides more exacting tolerances which will be known to you too. Mehtex believes that quality is based in customer satisfaction and to achieve Mehtex follows providing quality as per requirements, continuously improve the process and provide training to our employs, vendors & give advice to our customer.

ADVANTAGE MEHTEX :- Mehtex gives better dimensional control, improved cross parting line tolerances, reduction in gas porosity, improved balance properties of finished rotating parts, use of ‘cast- in- place’ inserts, improved mechanical properties due to effective alloy modification, better wear properties due to smaller grain size microstructure, improved flexibility regarding aluminium & zinc pressure & gravity die casting.

INDUSTRIES SERVED:- Mehtex Engg. Pvt. Ltd. has many world class industries for lighting, automotive, sports & recreation, medical, furniture, computers, office equipment, home appliances, safety deposit boxes, power tools, hand tools, telecommunications, food processing valves/ pumps, machine tools and defence equipments