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Die Casting
Mehtex Eng. Pvt. Ltd. for last 24 yrs is serving many industries with its quality Die Castings. Among the long list of Die Castings a company has its own Products used in Textiles Processing Machinery.

Textile Spares -Endrings

Aluminium Die Casted Endrings of all sizes & makes of machines are manufactured at our workshop.

Each and every Endring Manufactured is tested for quality, Rigidity & Strength. Aluminium alloy material used for Die Casting of this Endrings, is of a special grade, thus the endrings has less chances of getting oblonged or damaged. All the endrings manufactured are heat treated before machining to have minimum atmospheric & chemical corrosion, thereby increasing the durability & life of the endrings.

The machining diameters are maintained with high accuracy, on specially designed fixtures for every type of endrings. all the dimensions are are maintained & checked for accuracy with micro meters & guages. After machining the endrings are kept for seasoning to remove machining stresses in them.
Mehtex Eng. Pvt. Ltd. Has and Annual capacity of manufacturing nearly 40,000 endrings and thus claims to be the only manufacturers to have 17 types of Endrings in India * for export market. To name some of the few we have stork, laxmi, Harish, Zimmer, Brusher, Reggiani and many more in repeat sizes of 640 to 914 repeat.
Auto parts

We have developed many castings for Automative Industries, for three wheelers, four wheeler and commercial vehicles some of the parts we have developed are Wiper Body Assembly, Fanbelt Tensioner Pulley, Water Pump, Diesel Nozzel Holder Assembly,Glass Mounting Brackets, Water Mainfolds, Accessories like Door handle, Leg Rest, Horn Cover, Tractor assembly parts, Lng Conventor Kit, Front Hub, Rear Socket, Fuel Fitter Assembly, Thermostat Holder, Break Pedal, Clutch Cap & Connecting Rods.

The company has also developed lot of Non-Standard Auto- Parts as per clients Requirements in Domestic as well as International Market.